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TSOHH's Hip Hop Interviews

  Musicians From Around The Globe Share Their Knowledge

Like you probably guessed, The State's rapper interviews section is not the typical hip hop interviews section.

Because our focus is on emcee improvement all of our interviews will shoot to provide our visitors with insight, advice and pointers from established rappers, producers and other significant persons in the hip-hop world.

The State's hip-hop interviews provide some of the best education and entertainment the site has to offer - we highly recommend checking them all out.

You can read through all of our hip-hop interviews below.

  Hip Hop Interview: CHRIS WEBBY

CHRIS WEBBY - Yet another college MC has popped up on hip-hop's radar...and this time the prognosis is hopeful. Hailing from the suburbs of Connecticut, Chris Webby has already won the hearts of Hofstra University's party crowd. Learn about his rise, his new album, "The White Noise LP", and where you can get it free.  

  Hip Hop Interview: KILLAH PRIEST

KILLAH PRIEST - We recently caught up with one of hip hop's most gifted wordsmiths, known by many simply as "Priest". In the interview we talk about his new albums and mixtapes, the current state of the HRSMN album, emcee advice, and more.  

  Hip Hop Interview: ARMAGEDDON

ARMAGEDDON - Armageddon, formerly of the Terror Squad, takes some time to discuss the current state of hip hop, problems facing aspiring MC's, the upcoming presidential election and his upcoming solo album, "The Journal". Check out the exclusive... 

  Hip Hop Interview: FLOWERS & KAIN

B-FLOW of FLOWERS & KAIN - Flowers & Kain are the biggest act coming out of New London, CT since Cassie. In their TSOHH interview B-Flow (lead vocalist and MC) discusses his musical influences, future projects, goals and advice for aspiring musicians. Sit back and learn more about this hip-hop/rock/funk/soul band that's already making big waves in the music world. 

  Hip Hop Interview: J. RIVER

J. RIVER - MC and producer J. River explains his views on the rap game and gives some financial tips on putting together your own home studio and getting your music ready for distribution... Check out the full J. River interview here. 

  Hip Hop Interview: JOELL ORTIZ

JOELL ORTIZ - Brooklyn's latest rising star, Joell Ortiz talks about his recent affiliation with Violator, recounts his earlier years as an aspiring emcee, gives some helpful rap advice and more. See Joell's plans for success right before being signed to Aftermath. Check out the full Joell Ortiz interview here. 

  Hip Hop Interview: APPLEJAXX

APPLEJAXX - Learn how rapper Applejaxx met and became down with Grammy-nominated R&B artist, Tonex, his thoughts on spiritually-focused music going mainstream, and much more. Check out the full Applejaxx interview here.  

  Hip Hop Interview: TONEDEFF

TONEDEFF - A staple of the new underground hip hop scene, Tonedeff takes some time to give State residents advice and suggestions on recording audio via PC and more. Tonedeff is also an avid producer. Read the entire Tonedeff interview with The State here.  

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