Our Emcee Improvement Goals

Whether people like it or not hip-hop is changing and this new hip-hop has the potential of being amazing! Doing our part to make that happen is what we are all about. Our goals are to:

   Preserve the essence of emceeing

   Teach new emcees to learn how to rap

   Teach current emcees how to improve their rap skills

   Save rappers years of trial and error in their pursuit of a career in rap

   Provide aspiring emcees with advice from other successful rappers

   Breakdown various aspects of the rap game

   Help aspiring hip hop artists manuever in the music industry


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   Learn To Rap Better Through Practical Advice

TheStateofHipHop.com was created out of the tremendous worldwide demand for practical rap tips, advice and guidance that aspiring MC's have. The articles below are intended to help people to learn how to rap better, faster. Here you will find a wide assortment of articles on various aspects of what an MC needs to know about learning to rap. Get basic rap tips for home-recording, advice on making it in the music business, improving rhyme skill, learning how to improve flow, gaining confidence and more.

This section used to be exclusive to our newsletter subscribers but we have just recently decided to open it to the public. Some articles you'll find will be on topics of general importance to MC's. Some might be a little strange and most will be unique. Still, many others will bring answers to some of the most common questions I receive every day.

If a visitor sends me a question, the answer to which I think will benefit other visitors, I will definitely consider adding it as an article. Of course, visitor emails and names are always kept anonymous.

All articles are exclusive to The State of Hip Hop.

If you are interstested in writing articles for TSOHH please email Openings@TheStateofHipHop.com

MC Improvement Articles

Note: Articles for this section are continuously being written. We encourage you to check out the rest of the site in the meantime. If you have questions please contact the site admin here.