Our Goals

Whether people like it or not hip-hop is changing and this new hip-hop has the potential of being amazing! Doing our part to make that happen is what we are all about. Our goals are to:

   Preserve the essence of emceeing

   Teach new emcees to learn how to rap

   Teach current emcees how to improve their rap skills

   Save rappers years of trial and error in their pursuit of a career in rap

   Provide aspiring emcees with advice from other successful rappers

   Breakdown various aspects of the rap game

   Help aspiring hip hop artists manuever in the music industry


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Skill Improvement Section:
Rap Advice & More

This is TSOHH's Skill Improvement Section. Here you'll find all sorts of rap advice and MC resources to help you expand on your MCing abilities as well as to help you better understand the rap industry. Click on a section below or use the search to find out more. For some quick tips check out our advice for improving delivery and sound quality.

  Exclusive MC Improvement Articles

Learn to rap and succeed in the rap game!

Here you'll find a wide assortment of articles that teach emcees to learn to rap better, faster. Topics touch on various aspects MC improvement including using bars to structure a verse, motivation, tips on making it in the music business, and other advice on how to rap better. 

  More Music Advice Articles and Resources

More great rap advice from around the net and beyond.

We advise MCs to gain knowledge from multiple sources. Therefore, in this section you'll find articles and stories from around the net providing practical music advice. 

  Artist Interviews

Learn from your favorite artists!

All our interviews aim to provide our visitors with insight, advice and pointers from established artists and other significant persons in the hip-hop world, such as Joell Ortiz, pictured left. Our rapper interviews also provide some of the best education and entertainment the site has to offer. 

  Freestyle Rap Guide

Improve your freestyle battle skills!

Learn how to freestyle rap better, how to battle better, how to come up with better rhymes to hit your opponent with, how to rhyme faster, and how to rap and perform better overall in a battle. This is a favorite spot for many of our new visitors. 

  The Music Industry

Peek behind the scenese of the Music Machine.

Making good music is the key factor for success in the music business, however, a huge percentage of skilled aspiring rappers fail because they donít know the business of music. Learn more about the ins and outs of the music business in our Music Industry section. 

  Book & Video Recommendations

Check out our latest picks!

Our main focus as a site is to make sure our visitors get an education that will help them as emcees. In one way or another, all of the hip hop books and videos that we recommend do just that.