Our Goals

Whether people like it or not hip-hop is changing and this new hip-hop has the potential of being amazing! Doing our part to make that happen is what we are all about. Our goals are to:

   Preserve the essence of emceeing

   Teach new emcees to learn how to rap

   Teach current emcees how to improve their rap skills

   Save rappers years of trial and error in their pursuit of a career in rap

   Provide aspiring emcees with advice from other successful rappers

   Breakdown various aspects of the rap game

   Help aspiring hip hop artists manuever in the music industry

The Rap Music Industry

  What is the rap music industry?

Everybody uses the terms "the rap music industry", "the music business", "the music industry", etc...but you may still be asking yourself - What exactly are they talking about?

Please read on...

It is getting less and less realistic these days to expect to go far in the rap music business solely relying on the belief that you make good music or write great lyrics. I’m sure we all know of some talentless “artist” that managed to make it big (this is especially true in the rap music industry).

Though in the long run, making good music is the key factor for success in the music business, a huge percentage of skilled aspiring rappers fail because they don’t know the business of music. If you’ve ever wondered why a certain garbage rapper broke into the music business while you’re still stuck in your basement, please continue...

Below is a brief overview of the recording industry and the radio industry and how they interconnect to form what we’ll collectively refer to as “The Rap Music Industry”.

The information below should give you a better understanding of the rap music industry.

If you're interested in a more detailed breakdown of how the music industry works, then you have to read this...

  The Recording Industry

This section explains much of what upcoming emcees need to know about the recording industry. Check it out to learn about the shadiness and the key people in the business you should familiarize yourself with in order to succeed.

 The Recording Industry

  The Radio Industry

Here you'll get a feel for how radio stations operate. Below is what I hope to be helpful information for anyone interested in learning about how major radio stations operate, how to get on air, or for anyone who is just curious about the radio industry.

 The Radio Industry

  Rap Music Industry Jobs

Though many of our visitors have their sights set on getting a rap music industry job as an artist, there are many other careers in music, many of which pay much more than the average artist earns. Learn about the best jobs in music here.

 Music Industry Jobs

Great Links on The Rap Music Industry

 Rapcointelpro - Rap Coalition's Intelligence Program for artists who want to put out their own records. This site has loads of helpful information about the rap industry.

 KPFA - California-based community supported radio station. This links to DaveyD's April, 2005 broadcast on shady practices in the rap industry. (A must listen!)